We are a content marketing specialist to the HR supplier market. Between them our co-founders, Sian Harrington and Nigel Pritchard have decades of experience in journalism, marketing and publishing.

We believe that content is key to enabling marketers to join the conversations being had by people leaders across the world. When brands create great content audiences want, they see increased reach, engagement and potentially conversion.

We create content for clients on the brand channel of our sister site ThePeopleSpace, a multimedia online magazine which aims to inspire people leaders to seize the future of work and stay one step ahead in a fast-paced, digitally disruptive world.

All the content we create for Brand Partners on ThePeopleSpace reflects this mission and purpose and adds value to the site’s audience of senior HR professionals and people leaders.

But of course we don’t just produce content for ThePeopleSpace. Our professional journalists and editors work closely with clients to develop creative content that will resonate with audiences wherever it is used, ensuring their brands are positioned in the most relevant way to appeal to senior people leaders.